Thursday, 24 April 2014

I have made my decision: go and see this movie!

Locke  is one of the best films you are ever likely to see. It is an exquisite and sublime blend of taut editing, compelling direction, hypnotic cinematography, and incandescent acting. The script is bursting with power, emotion and aching understatement. This is a movie that you simply cannot, must not and should not miss.

I am not going to tell you much about the film since its magic and insight is best revealed to you inch by inch, mile by mile. This is a film that quietly builds and builds as the main character undergoes a life transforming journey that will make you reflect on decisions that you have taken in the past. I urge you to go and see this outstanding film.

There are so many leadereship themes that I could focus on from this film but I will select just one: deciding on your priorities. In the film, Locke says one particular sentence several times: I have made my decision. His decision is to prioritise X and not Y or Z. Gradually the film allows you understand just why he has made this decision and why it is so important to him to stick with it, no matter what the consequences.

But this is not stubbornness or blind pursuit of a superficial goal. No. This is because his decision is existentially critical to him. He knows that he must stick to this decision to maintain a sense of integrity and worth. Even though his future changes as a result, indeed he knows that this decision will shape his future. But he also knows that without keeping to his decision, he has no future.

Thankfully, most decisions we make in life are not so critical. But all of us, especially when we are in the role of leader, need to recognise the moment when we are facing such a challenge. The art of leadership is knowing when and knowing what to do.

When was the last time you faced such a decision on priorities? How did it go?


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