Monday, 21 June 2010

Radical Efficiency: Different, better, lower cost public services

Went to a fabulous session this morning which launched a new report from NESTA about 'radical efficiency' and how to make it work. The point was well made that delivering public services in a radically different way is no longer just very important or even critical - it is an imperative! Here is a link to their excellent report:

The launch had some excellent presentations and questions - which prompted lots of ideas in my head about how to make effective and efficient innovation happen. I will write more later - but here is quick summary which I have already tweeted (of course!): 
  • Use the common wealth to create more common wealth...
  • Look for ways to connect consumers together to create new expertise resources
  • Stop blaming central govt and just get on with taking radical action locally
  • Break accountability 'rules' and give authority to the point of service delivery
  • Lead so that you enable risk taking, not to close it down
  • Get everyone in one room so that professionals can 'hear' the voices of consumers directly!
  • Think of doing more with more (not less) - but redefine what you count as your resources
  • Create a culture where structure & passion coexist sublimely to achieve real results
My huge thanks to everyone involved with the report and indeed present at this morning's event. (I wish we'd had the whole day to debate the issues emerging... perhaps NESTA would like to organise such a day....?)

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