Monday, 24 May 2010

Cutting consultancy spending & improving services at the same time!

Today the government has announced how it plans to reduce public sector spending by more than £6bn. More than a billion of this, will come from savings in 'discretionary' spending on consultancy, travel etc says the BBC news website:

Here are some ideas that I have blogged about in the past about how consultancy budgets can be slashed by taking a radically different perspective on consultancy & organisational improvement: - how not to steal the taxpayers watch by using consultants more shrewdly - small creative ideas blog brimming with ways to improve efficiency & effectiveness in public / third sectors - what goes wrong with consultancy reports and why they often waste money - getting the whole system in the room as a cheaper & better way to make plans - why we need small & creative ideas now more than ever...

Please browse and let me know what you think...!


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