Thursday, 8 April 2010

Customer Journey Mapping: New Workshop!

Will Haywood from Stoke-on-Trent City Council has kindly emailed me to say they have organised another workshop about their CJM approach. It is on 28th May starting at 10.00am. If you wish to go - please email him either by clicking here or here 

Details of previous workshops and their approach can be found by clicking on these links here:
I have also blogged about this too - if you have an interest:
Some questions I would pose about CJM are:
  • Can too much mapping lead to exhaustion? (see this post for further ideas on this)
  • Can mapping get in the way of exploring?
  • Is it appropriate to use the term 'customer' when financial restrictions will mean that partnering with local citizens becomes an economic necessity (see here for more about this debate)
  • Is CJM on its own enough? What other organisational development is required to make the most of the insights and ideas gained?
  • How hard is it to engage executive and political leaders in CJM? What else needs to be done?
  • How much danger is there that CJM sanitises the frustrations and ambitions of local citizens by turning it into a 'map'? How direct, face to face and authentic conversations between service users & providers (at all levels) built into the process?
  • What change of culture is required to make the most of CJM? Or does CJM itself stimulate a change in culture?
  • How should the investment in CJM be evaluated? How has it been evaluated already? 
  • In these increasingly stringent times - is CJM a nice to do or a need to do? What are the key arguments to assert its value?
Just some thoughts. As always I wish Will and his colleagues all the best with their forthcoming workshop!

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  1. Just a note - I understand that the team in Stoke has now been disbanded.