Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Getting the whole system in the room - Future Search video

A short video which says a great deal in only a few minutes about Future Search and getting the whole system in the room.

Watch it here

More information about Future Search - see my other blog entry - which has further links on it too. Click here

Whole system working is:
  • Easily done
  • Efficient and VFM - 2 facilitators can handle a group of 60, 100, 300 and more
  • Effective in building resilient, connected & strategic communities or practitioners and clients / taxpayers / citizens
  • Able to produce 'stractegies' (centred on action & results) rather than 'strutegies' (that look pretty on the glossy page - but that is all)
  • Able to cut out endless carousels of linear consultation...
  • Enlivening and empowering

Just get everyone together in a room for 1/2 day or more to:
  • Review a service / project
  • Plan a way forward
  • Redesign or rethink a process or a service
  • Write a new manual
  • Sort our the requirements on a new system
  • Tackle a wicked problem
  • Etc
In effect it is about working with a 'mesh' of stakeholders rather than treating them as the ends of the spokes where the change / project team is the hub. Hub & spoke working consumes vast quantities of time, money, coffee and emails. Instead - get a 'mesh' of people together to appreciate the big picture from many different angles.

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