Friday, 1 January 2010

How will you be more true to yourself this year?

Happy new year! May it be all that you hope and wish it to be - for you and those whom you care about

The golden rule for leadership appears to be that there are no golden rules.  Many of the best leaders in the world appear to defy ‘gravity’ and all the learned research on what makes a good leader.

And yet we continue to search for the magic and key ingredients. You won’t fine the ingredients here. But... you may find some of your ingredients after considering the questions and thoughts in this blog.

One of my favourite books on leadership is by Warren Bennis entitled ‘On becoming a leader’. The message that stands out from that book for me is the importance of authenticity. His view is that good leaders are true to themselves. The difficult bit is knowing who you are and then being true to that understanding.

Who are you?

As a leader - how will you be even more true to yourself this year..?


  1. It is a challenge and one to relish as the year progresses.

  2. Jon,

    I agree with you and Warren Bennis on the importance of authenticity in leadership. If you haven't yet read it, former ServiceMaster CEO C. William Pollard's book "The Soul of the Firm" also provides some clear and concise insight into authentic and transforming leadership, and is certainly worth the quick read.

    In 2010, I plan to be even truer to myself as a leader by being more attentive to the reactions and subtle hints others give as a result of their interactions with me. Based on the reactions I have noted in the past, I have learned that my opinion is warranted more often than I assumed, and voicing it will not only solidify my personal philosophy, but will also strengthen my relationship with others and help to improve my credibility with them as well.

  3. Thanks for both these comments - and I will track down that book, Jess.