Thursday, 17 December 2009

As a leader - what excites and what leaves you cold?

Browsing through some old emails (to dig out addresses for some seasonal good wishes), I came across a list I wrote for someone who challenged me to describe what gets me excited and what leaves me cold. This is what I wrote:

Excited by:
People solving their problems – creating their own visions & dreams
Power of collective understanding
Evidence based action
Top inspirational leadership
Whole systems & networks
Lasting improvements

Harmony and symphony

Left cold by:
‘Solushing’ (the rush to quick solutions)
Snap judgements
Imposition of power & strategies
Target setting that skews strategies the wrong way
Fat reports that gather dust
Blaming people rather than improving systems & ossified processes
Silos & drainpipes

I am sure neither list is complete - but what you put on your two lists?

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