Saturday, 29 August 2009

Building and sustaining a new executive team

Team building is a circular process: the team learns, events happen, new members join and so onwards.

A linear process with a beginning middle and end does not match the reality of most executive team building.

I developed this model in response to a tender - and so I thought it would helpful to post it here.

It centres on asking a series of questions at each stage:

Weaving the history:

  • Where have we each been until now & what past events have shaped who we are?
  • What events and trends have shaped the organisation & wider context in which the team sits?
  • How does the combined immediate past change anything in the team?

Assembling the learning

  • What have we learnt about who we are and what we bring to teams?
  • How has our organisation and wider context learnt how to behave towards our team?
  • What theories about team work have we acquired?

Understanding the present

  • What are the external challenges in the organisation and wider context we face as a team?
  • What are the internal challenges we face as a team?
  • What do we need to do to ensure our team is robust enough to manage the present?

Shaping the future

  • What do we want our organisation to achieve?
  • What kind of team will we need to build in order to nurture these achievements?
  • What constant principles do we all need to work to as a team?

Making the future history

  • What ways of working together do we need to establish to make the future happen?
  • How do we negotiate our relationship with the organisation and wider context?
  • What actions will make our chosen future historical

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