Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Move along there

I am not sure why, but I think Ride Along 2 could have been so much funnier... The two lead characters just seemed to be holding back. Obviously I am no comedy film writer, so I cannot say how this could have been done... (perhaps aiming for a 12A certificate was part of it). But I know there was sufficient twinkle in the eyes of all the actors that made me feel that they had more fun off camera than on it.

And the story was just a tad too predictable. It really did not have to be: and so it felt like lazy scriptwriting and production. The actors do a fine job but the material they had to work with could have been much better. Maybe wait until the DVD comes out...

Being predictable is an interesting challenge for leaders. Should leaders be consistent, a known quantity? There is a safety and solidity in predictability. It creates a stable environment and everyone knows where they stand, especially in relation to the leader. Such a place is a firm base for high performance...

But should a leader want this level of comfort. Shouldn't leaders shake things up and be... unpredictable? If the measure of a leader is anything, it is the degree to which she/he creates a dynamic environment where innovation and energy crackle and pulsate.

How predictable are you: should you be more or less so? 


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