Friday 5 February 2016

Cracking Questions: business transformation source code

Every now and then a book comes along that that looks set to transform how business is done in the world. "Cracking Questions" is one such book.

Ludicrous claim or just possibly true? Only you, the reader, can answer that question.

And unlike possibly any business book before, this one comes with  a money back guarantee. So without risk to your bank balance, you can find out whether "Cracking Questions" will change the way you do business for the better, forever (or not).

This book rests on the simple idea: everyone can be an innovator. At the heart of this book are 24 questions which can help anyone discover new ways of getting more with less.

You just have to ask the questions.

Moreover, you won't need teams of besuited consultants to show you how to do this. Nor will you need to consume reams of flip chart paper mapping processes or imagineering customer journeys.

And it's not a long book: a bath time read if you wish (maybe with a top up 2/3 way through).

Is this a book that you can afford not to read?

Might "Cracking Questions" be just the book you have been searching for: one that will help you gain that productivity edge?

"Cracking Questions" is available from all the usual online book stores - publication date: 21 Feb 2016 (with a Kindle ebook already published)
Read here why I wrote Cracking Questions.

And here is the book blurb:
Inside this book are some cracking questions designed to help you crack open and liberate the creative and ingenious power within yourself and your organisation. These questions will stimulate your thinking about how to do business in entirely different ways. And this could well be the first book on business transformation and leadership that you will not only want to, but will indeed read, from cover to cover. Does that interest you? Have you have been searching for a book that will help you gain the performance edge that you have been seeking? Could this be that book? Have you ever had that nagging feeling that there must be better ways to get more results: ways of really achieving more with less? But you don't quite know how or where to start? This book offers you a straightforward and practical approach to improving productivity. Critically this book is about doing it yourself, with your colleagues: rather than hiring small armies of transformation consultants to fill forests of flip chart paper with process maps. This book comes with a money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain by purchasing this book. What do you want to do with this opportunity?
Publisher: The Choir Press
ISBN: 9781910864319

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