Friday, 5 February 2016

33 amazing stories

The 33 is an achingly good film which captures the heart of the story of the 33 miners who trapped in a Chilean mine a few years ago. These were brave men who worked together to survive and keep each other alive under almost impossible circumstances.

The story telling is clever in the way it manages to connect the lives of those on top of the earth and those trapped below, particularly with one enchanting scene. I suspect the real circumstances were far more disordered and dishevelled than the film portrays but the love, urgency and desperation is well directed and acted onto the screen. This is a compelling and hugely moving film, and one to see.

This is a story of teamwork both above and below ground. The end of the story would not have happened without each person understanding what everyone collectively and separately had to contribute, and honouring everyone else in the process. It is rare to see such teamwork.

Perhaps it was helped by a there being a very clear objective: get all the miners out alive. This focus made sure than everyone knew what part theirs was to play. The circumstances dictated this. In less challenging situations, it falls to the leader to ensure that there is sufficient focus and direction. All too often teams fall apart over a lack of such direction.

How good are you are establishing direction?


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