Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Bass notes

Some films metaphorically trip along with a light descant rhapsody while others have a much deeper, lower and sombre range. Blue Ruin is one such movie: you know almost from the start, this is not going to end well. In fact not many good things happen in the movie at all. But this is a finely acted and directed movie with all the taught tension of a car suspension spring.

This is a film where the almost invisible past crowds in on the present, compelling people (one in particular) to follow through on a devastating plan. It portrays the chaos of violence and the desolate sadness of revenge with shuddering conviction. This is not a date night movie but it is one that you should see.

The main character is depicted as a complete 'loner' but nevertheless he knows who his friends are. Without them, his mission will fail. Leadership, especially senior leadership, is a lonely position. You may feel surrounded with people who have designs on your role, and you may be right.

But the best leaders will always know on whom they can count and on whom they would depend at their peril. Being able to distinguish one from the other is key skill for leaders.

How do you know whom you can trust?


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