Thursday 27 December 2012

Leadership in 3 words (2013)

It is that time of year again when I ask people to name the three words that people think describe the leadership we are going to need in the forthcoming year. (Previous posts are here and here). My three words are:
  • inclusive
  • bold 
  • focused
I have already posted this on twitter - and here are others' contributions so far:
  • @PaddyBriggs: competent would be progress...
  • @OpenEyeComms: innovative, aware, agile
  • @DorsetRachel: Brave, transparent, inclusive
  • @StitchMitchell: Stop Fiddling Expenses
  • @CCLeicsPolice: transparent, principled, energised
  • @LabourBroomhill: Judgement, Kindness, Challenge
  • @PW0559: Caring; Consistent; Comprehensive
  • @quakerpen: Truthful, imaginative, nonconforming
  • @OfficialSaundra: Sensitive, Informed, Decisive
  • @youcanrugby: communication , direction , brave (I'm also going to add a strong team)
Thanks to all those people who have contributed so far. But what are your three words? What three words sum up the kind of leadership we need in 2013?

Please post below or tweet at me with the hashtag: #3lship13. Thanks

UPDATE: here are some more contributions from this morning. Thanks to all
  • @JohnCharlesDyer: One For All
  • @SusanPopoola: Empathetic, Convicted, Wise
  • @Alanw47: Fair, Honest, Transparent
  • @Suzze05: Fair ( not driven by influential lobbyists), informed (based on evidence not ideology), listens!
  • @tsdpete: Understanding, humility and conscience
  • @betsypud: true socialist values 
  • @IanChisnall: Bold, Consensual, Inclusive (not we're all in this together LOL) 
  • @driveukmartin: industrious virtuous hardworking
  • @puppyjohn1999: Compassionate, Flexible, Autistic 
  • @RichardJMurphy: Courageous; Compassionate; Competent

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