Wednesday 21 December 2011

What is your perspective on 2012?


Well here we are again! Where did 2011 go? It may well be that I am getting older – but this year has gone by at breakneck speed for me. My theory is that because we are aware now of so much happening (perhaps more is happening or just that technology brings more of it into our vista), it is like being on a train where the near objects whistle past. Objects further away drift past more slowly. But now it seems as if everything is close – and fast –now.

And in this flurry and buzzing change – to what do we now have to look forward? Certainly I am thrilled to be living near London where the Olympics are happening next year – even though I will probably watch them through my TV screen. Whilst I am no Royalist, I am looking forward to the diamond jubilee festivities when I hope that communities will come together in celebration and warm friendship. (Why not organise a Big Lunch?)

But on the wider economic stage, this is likely to be a very harsh year. Although someone once said that the reason we have astrologers is to make economists look scientific, I think their gloomy predictions for 2012 could be true. This is not an email in which to get political. I will only say that it is my earnest hope that all those who can, will mitigate the damage that 2012 is likely to inflict upon people, especially those who are already hugely disadvantaged. I genuinely hope it is not as bad as I fear. Maybe when I come to write to you next year, I will be saying ‘there we are – it wasn’t all that bad!’.

So I have been pondering what word to adopt this year. I thought what do we need above all else as we pitch into 2012? I concluded that what we all need is perspective – a belief in a horizon that extends beyond the last few and the next few years. An outlook that will help see these times from a bit further away – a perspective that doesn’t lose sight of the fact that we are brilliant, creative, resourceful and caring people, able to collaborate to achieve remarkable things. No matter how bad things might get, we have the spirit that keeps us moving on, keeps us looking after each other, keeps us... human.

This is my word, my perspective, for 2012. What is yours?

In the meantime, I will hope that you find some good time to be with friends and family over the Christmas period, and that all your dreams and ambitions for the coming year are fulfilled.

My very best wishes


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