Saturday, 23 July 2011

Investment opportunity! Online learning how to ride a bike.

In line with the huge and growing interest in e-learning because of its cost effectiveness and overall brilliance, I have decided to create a course on ‘how to ride a bike, online’. I am looking for co-investors in this enterprise.

I expect a lot of interest from parents of young children, who just do not have the time these days to teach their offspring how to ride a bike ‘in the real world’. I also know there must be a many adults out there who need to brush up on their bike riding skills but do not currently have a bike to use and/or the time to use it. Indeed, I will shortly be commissioning research to show that ‘online biking’ will enable people to ‘shed the pounds’ in advance of their summer holiday. (Ironically, of course, I hope to gain a few pounds of the other kind, from the creation of this e-learning course.)

Would you like to make an investment?

The course will be available 24 hours a day and will feature all the knowledge you need: the history of biking around the world, how bikes work, their mechanics, where they need to be lubricated and how to fix a puncture. This knowledge will be the essential foundation for the core skill of ‘riding’. This will be demonstrated in a series of streamed videos, diagrams and sophisticated power point presentations: all designed to show you how to start, stop, go round corners and fall off safely. There will also be iPhone & Android apps which will employ the inbuilt motion sensors so that you can learn how to balance really, really well. There will be advanced courses for people who wish to ride tandems, go downhill really fast, or how to get off and walk up hills briskly and proudly.

This is the investment of a lifetime!

So please email me if you wish to be part of this new initiative and I will let you know about the forthcoming webinars where you can hear me ‘free wheel’ about the massive investment opportunity that this is.

Other courses to come include ‘how to lead people, really well’, ‘how to run the economy as if it were a housekeeping budget’ and ‘how to make shed loads of money out of running care homes for older people’. All these courses will be delivered online at a fraction of the cost of ‘real life’ courses that require you to interact with other people and learn 'real' skills.

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