Friday, 2 April 2010

When the seas of calm

I am just about to head off across the channel for a couple of days in Brittany with some friends, and I have been paying close attention to the shipping forecast... It doesn't look good!

This has reminded me of what Machiavelli says about calm seas:

a common failing of mankind (is) never to anticipate a storm when the sea is calm. A wise prince … must never take things easy in times of peace’*

This is not just a question of you: 
  • developing your people
  • developing your systems
  • developing your structures
  • developing yourself

It is also about how do you get your team and the wider organisation to stay ‘keen’ when the seas are appearing calm...? 

How many organisations are currently weathering the current economic storms & Government cutbacks OK because they kept themselves keenly ready for such an eventuality? 

* Machiavelli “The Prince” – translated by George Bull – Penguin 1961

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